In November 2014, the garden of Villa Labruto won the first prize in its category at the “Messina in Fiore-MIF2014” contest. The competition aimed at “Promoting the creation of floral compositions that embellish the balconies, windowsills and corners of private properties, as well as windows and facades of the shops, in order to involve the local community to actively contribute to the promotion of the area, with particular emphasis on the sponsored areas, balconies, flower beds, gardens, shops and schools. ” The recognition received makes us feel proud because it confirms the work, quest and daily care we have been passionate about for years; it has represented, at the same time, a nugde to open our corner of paradise to the city of Messina, so that lovers of greenery can revel in it and children and teenagers can closely observe and experience the spectacle that Nature, with the help of our climate and man’s work, is able to offer.

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