garden-of-wonderYou can see the video at:!giardino-delle-meraviglie/c18yl

We would like to share with you another special day, when our garden was at the same time the stage and the main character: in October 2014 it was the setting of one of the episodes of the documentary series “Fatti e rifatti” broadcasted by the local television a few days later. Franz Riccobono, a specialist on Messina, known for his interest in the city and for his commitment to improving its artistic and natural beauty, was accompanied by an outgoing presenter, and they both took to discover the more than 400 species found in our corner of paradise, under the guidance of the hosts. Our guests were surprised at some of the most characteristic species and walked through our “garden of wonders” enjoying the thousand scents and colours and the beautiful view of our strait, which can be seen from the different levels of the villa and never fails to fascinate.

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