sabato-giardino-group-4May 28, 2016 will be a date to remember for the Villa, because for the first time it opened its doors to the public to enjoy our garden for free, for those who had shown curiosity or interest when following us in our social networks. This was enough to create, just for fun and unpretentiously, a Facebook event in just a week since the date was decided and the result was really surprising to us: in less than 48 hours, we wrote, phoned or contacted more than 50 people who booked a tour for groups of friends or family in one of the four hours scheduled for this event.
So we were visited, non-stop from 9.30 to 20.00, by at least seventy people, from kids to the elderly. Many congratulations and enthusiastic comments were heard in the garden during these guided tours, led by its creator and caretaker Dr. Labruto Senior, who presented more than 365 species, to which QR code labels had been added.
The kids especially enjoyed visiting the geese and chickens, ducks and turkeys, and the chance of stroking the chicks that had been born a few days earlier.
It was also much appreciated the possibility offered to the 11.30 group, of having a picnic amidst nature. Despite the sirocco, a wind well known to the locals, all those present enjoyed a good time socializing.
saturday-garden-group-1Without false modesty, we were surprised and filled with pride to hear from so many, in the same day, that they would have never imagined such a rich and varied garden in Messina, and that the day had turned out to be a very pleasant surprise.
At the end of the afternoon, tired but content with the experience and success of the initiative, we undertook to arrange other events open to the public, especially thinking of those who could not participate in our first “Saturday in the garden”.
Meanwhile, we are preparing to welcome the first event to be held in the villa…

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