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The Garden


The garden surrounding the villa covers 10,000 m2; just a walk in this paradise will be enough to evoke species and colours from all over the world; in fact the flowers and plants that bring life and new nuances to the garden every day of the year are classified in more than 400 different species. The garment the garden currently wears for its guests stems from the passion and daily care of those who tend to it and wish to share the fascination and charm of its spaces, its changing colours and exotic aromas. As a painter’s palette, the colours and infinite shades that nature offers, create a work of art capable of surprising at every step: if you’re curious you can discover a lot of unseen details that are hidden to distracted looks; if you’re a lover of gardening this may be your kingdom; if you have a poetic soul the atmosphere of the place will inspire you. Whatever spirit moves you, this is the place to revel in and return over and over again.


Just 5 pine trees create and define our “pine grove”. When in it, the sensation is that of a strong and intimate embrace. One can enjoy the peace and quiet that comes from the feeling of walking through the woods, or from the special areas designed to provide a relaxing experience in the best of companies. Here, under the pine trees, we organize garden parties and exclusive events, sought after by those who appreciate the charming combination between the tall trees and the exotic reachness of the garden surrounding it.




Behind the house, between the terrace with views out to the strait of Messina, and the pond with water lilies, we find the spacious and well-kept lawn area.

The spectacular sea views combined with the water lilies and the scents of flowers and herbs will delight our guests, making the lawns the ideal place for buffets.

This area is linked to the pine grove via a staircase surrounded by greenery.



In one of the areas, halfway between the new and the old house, we find our citrus grove. This is actually one of the oldest areas of the villa, since the first lemon, lime, orange and clementine trees date back to the early twentieth century.

Next to the centre of the plot, over the last century grapefruit, kumquat and other varieties of oranges were planted thus enriching our grove with a delightful mixture of essences. The colours, flavours and scents of our land are the result of natural farming techniques, which have always satisfied our guests in every way.

The central part of the garden, between the original villa and the new one, is dedicated to farmyard animals. Here we find big turkeys with espectacular plumage, snow-white geese, ducks with iridescent colours and roosters cackling happily because they are digging in the soil free range and are fed naturally with eco food and vegetable waste; thus confirming our belief in environmental sustainability. In this area we organize school farm activities for children who can experience first hand the, nowadays, not so common direct contact with farm animals, all under the guidance of an expert who will entertain them with explanations and will quench their curiosity about the various species found there.